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The festive period is almost upon us, and we’ve come up with something for all our players to celebrate! From December 7th, 8 Ball Pool players will be able to complete quests to earn a variety of awesome free rewards! It’s been an amazing year for 8 Ball Pool and we’re glad to be able to bring you this feature in time for the holidays. Play a bunch of pool over the next month and you’ll win loads of great prizes!

Each week will have a different set of missions, with 3 or 4 to complete throughout the week. Finish all the quests in a week and you’ll earn exclusive rewards, including avatars and cues that can’t be found in the store. If you want these very limited items, this is your only chance! Expect a bunch of fun and varied missions that will make sure you’re doing something new every day. You might even discover some modes that you’ve never taken the time to try before!

These quests will run throughout December, so you’ve got plenty of time to play some Pool and win some fun stuff. If you’ve been away from Pool for a while, this is just the thing to get you back to competitive form in no time! Play every day, finish every quest and earn those exclusive rewards!

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  1. My has said to play two games for 25,000.00. So am I suppose to play 2 games each day or just two games in general and wait for the next mission?

  2. I completed the weekly quest… Shows my free que but gives me a “product not available” when I click on it.. what the heck????

  3. I couldn’t even play the second quest, wants me to update and there isn’t any update available. Been three days still havent heard back from support.

  4. Where is the “holiday championship games” located?? I’m to the point on the challenge where I’m to play those but have no clue where they are

  5. This weeks challenge says I need to participate in holiday championships but I can’t find those games anywhere. I updated the app this morning, restarted my phone, tried again…where is it?

    • I notice that it doesn’t show up until you see “updating” on your screen then it will show u the challenges. I click play 1 on 1 the go back, click collect coins then back etc… eventually it will refresh and you see updating followed by the screw doing refresh and voila the options to play the special occasion is normally there

  6. This is weekly quest 3..and about Step 4 Objective is to complete 2 Weekly Championship Games. i dont know what to do…..what is weekly championship game???

    • You click the s font box along – the one after play 1 on 1 which is the new test game then play round 1 for 2.5k – you must play one game fully for it to register that you’ve done one of the 2 games required and obviously you do it twice to complete the challenges

  7. Ask why l am the champion 1 weekly competition this week can not be 125 dollar and there is not result that l am the champion….8 ball team please help me ..thx

  8. Fed up with something causing the game to go back – I have to re arrange Chat almost daily which is frustrating. Also the new Year challenges – competed up until it says play 2 new Year games then the timer shows when next challenge will be ready – 28hrs etc… but once I close app and return later or next day it starts me off at the beginning to start the challenges by winning 3 one on one games and so forth and that’s when I notice my chat needs re arrange to the way I set it originally . Please help sort this issue

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