The LA Championship is coming to 8 Ball Pool

2016 is coming to an end – but new features on 8 Ball Pool are not! We are very proud to introduce the amazing LA Championship!

A new Championship with legendary prizes

LA Championship is a new feature where players can join to win loads of Coins. It will be a seasonal competition that will create a pot out of all the entry fees paid by players and distribute it to the best Top 100 players, depending on their final position.


However, Los Angeles Championship uses a completely different way to play. Instead of your ranking being based on the number of Coins that you win, the champion will be decided by the amount of Points you earn. You get Points for every game that you win, and a multiplier if you are on a win streak. Here are a few bullet-points regarding this new method:

  • Each consecutive win will increase the player’s win streak even further
  • Every win in a streak doubles the points the player gets at the end of each game, until it reaches a cap of 13-games streak worth of points
  • You don’t lose Points by losing
  • After the cap is reached, every win will award the same capped amount of points
  • The total points a player gets at the end of a match is the sum of his old points, plus the points he gets for winning a match with his current Win Streak
  • The leaderboard is based on total points players have

This brand-new leaderboard will let you compete in a different way. Become the best and get rewarded with an insane amount of Coins!

Time to dominate Los Angeles!

LA Championship will give competition in 8 Ball Pool a whole new dimension. With a new points system and an insane prize pot, you will have a blast challenging fierce rivals in the chase for that top spot of the ladder! The championship is live RIGHT NOW, so get involved!

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