Local multiplayer & more now available in Flip Diving!

Just in time for the winter break, Flip Diving has received a massive update with tons of exciting new features. Let’s… dive in, shall we?

Facebook login and cross-platform saves

You can now login to Flip Diving using your Facebook account. Doing so means your progress will be saved to your account as well as your device. This means that if you download the game on a different device and login with the same account, you’ll be able to continue from the same point, with all your stuff already unlocked! Perfect for people who switch between phone and tablet.

Local multiplayer

A much-requested feature, local multiplayer, is now available! This is exactly what it sounds like, pass-and-play turn-based multiplayer so you and a friend can go one-and-one and find out which of you is better at jumping into a small section of water in a fancy manner.


New characters and stages

We’ve added two new characters and two new locations to unlock and use. Just in time for the holidays we’ve got Santa Claus, who apparently is well into the diving. We’ve also got… a zombie, because zombies are cool. Hopefully they don’t decompose on the way down!

Two new stages are also ready to be unlocked, with the Stadium Boards and Stadium Tower areas offering even more tall things off which to jump into deep bodies of water!

Bug fixes and engine improvements

Finally, we’ve fixed some bugs and issues that a few players will have come across and upgraded to the newest version of Unity so the game runs better than ever. The game is newer and shinier than before!

Flip Diving is out now on iOS and Android!