Potions out NOW for Agar.io on iOS and Android!


We’ve got a cool new feature coming to the mobile version of Agar.io that gives players a whole new way to earn rewards and exclusive items! Potions offer a new exciting layer to Agar.io with even more ways for our users to enjoy the game!

Potions are flasks of mystery prizes, and you won’t know what’s inside until you open one! They can contain all kinds of cool items, from coins, trophies and in-game boosts to awesome new exclusive skins that can only be found in this manner!

Exclusive skins have two types, regular and special. Regular skins require five pieces to complete, while the rarer special skins need ten. Get all the pieces and the skin is yours! That’s not all though, as these potions skins can be leveled up by collecting the pieces again. Get five pieces of a skin you already have, for example, and it will upgraded to level 2. As skins level up, their look changes to become fancier and more eye-catching, and eventually, high-leveled skins will even have animated elements! That’s right – animated skins are finally in the game, but you’ve got to work hard to earn them!

We’ve got two types of potions to discover. Free potions are earned just by playing the game. These can be set to start brewing as soon as you get them, and once brewed, you can “open” the potion and see what’s inside! You’ll get plenty of free potions just by logging in and playing every day. We’ve also got premium potions, which cost the new DNA currency. Premium potions contain more items and in greater quantities, as well as not needing to brew before being ready – you can open them as soon as you buy them. DNA can also be spent to skip the brewing period for free potions and open them immediately, if you can’t be bothered to wait.

Potions are out now on the mobile version of Agar.io! Download the game now on iOS and Android! Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more up to date news.

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  1. I notice that the new features all improve Miniclip’s ability to generate revenue from players – new mystery skins and players can now purchase DNA to trade for in-game potions. However the latest update has done absolute nothing to address the fundamental underlying stability issues in the game. Constant server disconnects, app crashes, in-game lag, and Rush Mode is non-functional (for me anyway). Miniclip needs to invest in this game to return it to a stable playable state, and not simply use it as a cash cow to milk players with more in-app purchase options. Agar.io is an awesome game, however Miniclip has allowed the iOS version to deteriorate to such a poor state that I find it hard to recommend to anyone!

  2. The new update on ios is constantly crash when the ball getting big. Please read the latest iOS users review and please fix it.

  3. Agario was my favourite game, I regularly bought coins and skins but since the potion update it is impossible to enjoy the game as every time I reach high mass it crashes every time, please fix this problem soon!!!

  4. The December update that added Potions and Mystery skins is incredibly unstable. The app crashes frequently on both iOS and Android. Most of the crashes occur when playing Classic Mode. But, it does still happen in Rush Mode. I try to stay away from Classic Mode for the time being.

  5. Please miniclip…invest your energy for a stable game, we dont need more features, we want a game that is playable more than 10 minutes without a crash. THE DECEMBER release is a disaster, is there nobody in the testteam which plays the game on Android 5.1 on a tablet? Only rush mode is now a gamemode, wich you can play, because there are not so many big cells, which brings the app to crash.

  6. So my friend mason started to play it and I’d always be watching him but I’d always play slither.io so one day I downloaded and and I got in love with it guys I’m telling you it’s pretty good

  7. What have y’all done to Agar.io?? The new update is horrid, I’m lagging far more than I used to, why is this?? PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE.

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