HUGE New Update Out Now In Basketball Stars!

Basketball Stars is already popular with millions of awesome players around the world, and we’d go so far as to call it the best basketball game on iOS and Android! We’ve got a huge update that’s just hit the game, adding a whole game’s worth of new stuff! This is Christmas come a little bit early for Basketball Stars fans.


First up, we’ve got Career Mode. We know a lot of fans wanted this, and we’re happy to oblige. This mode has hundreds of stages to complete, with some granting extra prizes! Earn medals by playing in Attacker-Defender and Shooting Race, and use these medals to unlock more stages and reach new heights in your path to becoming a true Basketball Star! We’ve even got bonus stages along the way to really mix things up.


Next, we’re adding a totally new minigame: Dunks! Another thing we know people have been asking for, nothing’s better than grabbing the ball, leaping up and smashing a slam-dunk straight through the hoop! By playing this new minigame, you can collect dunk points to get rewards, which will unlock unique Dunk King equipment that can’t be attained in other modes.


We’ve also made big improvements to the way matchmaking works, and you’re now far more likely to be matched up with a player of a similar level. This will ensure you’re always playing someone of a comparable skill level so games are as close and exciting as possible. We’ve also made a bunch of general improvements and fixes to make the overall player experience more enjoyable than ever.


Playing with friends is also better than before, with notifications when friends are online or -shock horror- overtake you on the leaderboards! Obviously you can’t let something like that stand, so we want to let you know as soon as possible so you can reclaim you posistion as king of the hill.

There are also new skills and achievements related to the new Career and Dunk modes. Basketball Stars is available for free now on iOS and Android devices, so grab that update and get dunking!