Play VS Friends Now In Archery King!

We’re happy to announce that a massive update has just hit Archery King that gives players the ability to play directly against their Facebook friends! Anyone with a Facebook-linked account can now play a game of Archery King against any Facebook friends who also have the game installed.

You can also track your friends’ leaderboard progress and be notified when they come online.

If you haven’t played Archery King yet, you’re missing out! Play against millions of opponents all around the world, across multiple game modes. Matches are fast-paced as you try to outscore the other player – but it’s not just a case of pointing your arrow at the bullseye. As well as battling your own unsteady hand, you’ll also have to take into account weather effects and distance, both of which can mess with your aim. Watch the wind strength and direction to make the perfect shot!

Archery King is out right now on Android and iOS! Start playing right now clicking here!