A Huge New Basketball Stars Update! Are You Ready For Crazy Hoops?

Just in time for March Madness, a huge new update has come to Basketball Stars! We’ve got a brand new minigame as well as a bunch of other neat new features! Check it out:

What’s New in Version 1.7.0

• NEW MINIGAME: Crazy Hoops! Test your speed in this new arcade-style minigame!

Have you ever played a basketball machine in an arcade? Crazy Hoops is a new minigame inspired by those machines, and, as the name suggests, it gets pretty crazy! Forget about finesse, as speed is of the essence in this mode. Balls are coming at you quickly and you’ve got to get as many in the basket as possible before time runs out. Get crazy and throw those balls!

• NEW FEATURE: Item Showcase! Get the best items with limited time offers!

We’ve added in featuring for special offers in the shop, meaning you’ll always be aware of the latest deals. Get exclusive items you can’t find anywhere else, or snag a great deal at a discount price!

• Up for a change of style? Try a randomised look in the character customisation page!

Not sure which look to go with before you hit the court? Let us do the hard work for you! We’ve added a random feature that will choose from all your unlocked items to create a new look that promises to be unique… whether that’s for good or bad, you’ll have to find out!

• Dunks Leaderboard for friends: show your friends who’s the Dunk King!
• New skill added! Max it out and become a Slam Dunk legend!
• Brand new achievements to unlock!
• Bug-fixes and performance improvements.

 If you haven’t played Basketball Stars in a while, you might have also missed our last big update, which added a huge Career Mode, a Dunks mini-game, improved matchmaking and a ton of new cosmetic items.

Basketball Stars is available for free now on iOS and Android devices, so grab that update and get dunking!