8 Ball Pool New Update: Free Chat, 9 Ball Tournament & More!

We have amazing news for you – 8 Ball Pool 3.10 will go live soon! This new update will have fantastic new features that the community has been asking for. Want to know more? Keep reading!

New Update

Chat and duel your friends – now in 9 Ball too!

One of the most requested features EVER in the game is finally here! You will be able to chat freely with your Facebook friends in 8 Ball Pool.

On top of that, you will now be able to challenge your friends in 9 Ball as well. There will be a bunch of new modes where you can duel your buddies, including No Guidelines!

Want a rematch with one of your friends? Now you will be able to choose a new table for that rematch!

Buenos Aires Tournament

New locations, new challenges

But that’s certainly not all. There will be new Tiers and Tournaments with great challenges! 8 Ball Pool will showcase four new tables around the world, from Asia to South America.


  • Buenos Aires Ballroom – This will the first 9 Ball tournament ever!


  • Beijing No Guidelines Paradise – A new table with, well, No Guidelines rules!
  • Dallas Rodeo 9 Ball – This 9 Ball table has a Call Pocket on All Shots ruleset.
  • Istanbul No Guideline 9 Ball – The name says it all: 9 Ball mode with No Guidelines.


A new update – Ready to travel the world?

The 3.10 update brings a bunch of new tables, the very first 9 Ball Tournament and the long-awaited free chat feature. It will go live end of May/beginning of June, so get ready to get that amazing Buenos Aires ring and challenge your friends to 9 Ball while bragging to them about your 8 Ball Pool abilities!

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  1. We need Pakistani table in this game because 60% of players are from pakistan and first time in history of 8 ball pool reached 100b of winning is just because of Pakistani player

  2. Hey,
    I think some time i want to play all shots indirect… & i want my opponent to play the same…. Please add a chat pack which says “All shots indirect” something like that……

  3. Please Miniclip
    Pakistan Table anausment New table or Tournament Please
    All World over Play in Pakistan
    Miniclip Please Create Pakistani Table
    Thanks You

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