Global Cup is Live on Soccer Stars!

We are excited to introduce Soccer Stars’ very own Global Cup!



The Global Cup is here, to help celebrate the current Football festivities. If your country wins, so do you! For the next twenty days, the Global Cup Leaderboard will exist in the mobile version of Soccer Stars, and players will compete to place their own countries on the very TOP! 

How can you help your country reach number 1? It’s easy! Your own winnings will increase your country’s final score, so make sure to win as many games as you can before the event ends! Don’t forget: How much you contribute to this event is based on your individual ranking in the Country Leaderboard.  

In the Global Cup, there isn’t just country pride at stake… at the end of the competition, you will get a prize based on both your country’s ranking and your own contribution ranking.

Here’s that you need to know before you start helping your country become the winner of the Global Cup:

  • Your contribution is based on your individual ranking on the Country Leaderboard (where ranking is based on your total weekly winnings).
  • Winnings from All-In don’t count towards Global Cup contribution.
  • If you play the same opponent more than once a week, only the winnings from the first match are counted towards your Leaderboard score.
  • As with every Leaderboard, coins won in Mini Games or purchased on the Shop also don’t count towards your country’s Global Cup Leaderboard score.

We have also added new seasonal tiers for you to shine on! Last week you might have played in the Sochi Group Stage. Well, we also have Saint Petersburg Semi-Finals and Moscow Finals Stage Tiers on the way. Make sure to check them out over the next few weeks!

Invite your friends through WhatsApp to play with you and join the competition!

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