Update on Miniclip.com Game Closures


Miniclip is sad to announce that the following games will be removed
from Miniclip.com on November 12th, 2018:


Spaceone.io Blash.io
Snok.io CatsVsDogs.io
ManOrMonster.io Snowfight.io
Beachfight.io Ovar.io
Gauch.io Brutes.io

These titles were removed from the Miniclip site on October 31st, 2018:


                 BullFrog Poker                                     SuperCar Showdown







               Anagram Magic                                              Mini Soccer







                  Mini Pets Flash                                            Snow Blazers






                     5 In A Row                                                            Boxo







We want to thank all the players for the continuous support and understanding.

It was a pleasure to host these game all these years!

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