8 Ball Pool – Leaderboards & Fair Play

Leaderboards & Fair Play

Hello 8 Ballers, we want to inform you that we are making changes in 8 Ball Pool, to ensure we maintain a safe and fair play environment.

To pursuit our goal of every player having the best 8 Ball Pool experience, we continue to take actions against any misconduct in game.

If you are one of our skilled players, that weekly participates in our Leaderboard Competition, we want you to be aware that some practices will prevent your Leaderboard progression:

  • Playing in a different country from the one your account is registered in. Only the winnings obtained in the country your account was registered in, at the start of the Leaderboard, will be added to your account.
  • Using exploits to gain an advantage in game.

Trying to get an unfair advantage against other Players will result in having your Leaderboard progress stopped, or even having your account suspended from participating in any Leaderboard activities for a period of time.

Play Games, and Play fair!