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Update: so, we now have a new “confirmed” release date… August 27th ūüôā Good news, everyone: at last, we can reveal that On The Run is coming to iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices on Thursday, August 27! We appreciate it’s been a long wait, and not all of you […]

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You’ve all heard of it. has taken the internet by storm, played by millions around the world and earning the attention of websites like Kotaku¬†and YouTubers like Pewdiepie. In case you’ve been living under a rock (in which case, sort out your housing arrangement), we’ll give you a quick […]

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Exclusive Miniclip wallpapers!

We’ve got a special treat for all you Miniclippers out there: 8 awesome new wallpapers for your desktop! We wanted to thank you all for being such brilliant fans, so pick your favourite and make your computer a bit more Miniclip! Not sure what to do? Click on the picture […]

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Dude Perfect 2: 30 new stages and more!

Dude Perfect 2 already has enough bro-tastic content to last a lifetime, but we are too extreme to just rest on our laurels! An awesome new update is on the way, including 30 brand new stages, daily challenges with rad rewards and the ability to upload and share replays of […]

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Beast Quest – World 3 Is Here!

The wait is over for Beast Quest fans as we can finally reveal world 3: Epos the Flame Bird, coming extremely soon! This is the biggest and best update yet for Beast Quest, with a ton of incredible new stuff you won’t want to miss! Such as: A brand new […]

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Beast Quest update: new beast, new challenge

We just released a new update to Beast Quest, bringing¬†a little something new to the game. Actually, did we say “little”? Say hello to the¬†Ice Golem:   Beast Quest has now been downloaded over 2 million times since its launch in mid-May on iOS, Android and Windows Phones, with players […]

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Miniclip Game Jam 2015

Last week, Miniclip¬†hosted an open Game Jam in Lisbon, where participants created games in just 48 hours. The rules were that people could make any kind of game, in any genre, as long as it fit the chosen theme… SPACE COFFEE. We opened the Game Jam on Friday and revealed […]

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New characters arrive in Berry Rush

Our cute and colourful game, Berry Rush, has now been downloaded over 10 million times! So, we thought it was a good time for a new update. We’ve got new characters, new pets, and new recipes with which to bake some more super-sweet cakes –¬†yum. Joining Strawberry Shortcake, Orange Blossom, […]

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