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You could star in Supercar Showdown!

Supercar Showdown is an incredible new top-down racing game coming to Miniclip, inspired by the classic Micro Machines series as well as newer games like Need For Speed. The game is coming soon, but we’ve got a huge contest: 18 of you will be IN Supercar Showdown! Get your name […]

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On The Run: developer interview

On The Run, our incredible mash-up of arcade racer and endless runner is roaring its way to iOS and Android devices very soon. We sat down and had a chat with developers Leo, Paolo and Pietro about the game. What were your inspirations in creating On The Run? Primarily, we […]

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Tips for playing Bike Rivals

Bike Rivals is out now, and millions of you are enjoying racing through dangerous terrain, trying to get a one-up on your friends and beat their best scores. You can download it right now for FREE on iOS and Android! We’ve got some exclusive hints and tips directly from the […]

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Bike Rivals is out NOW!

Good news, everyone. The day is finally here: Bike Rivals is available NOW for FREE on iOS and Android devices! Download it HERE on the App Store and HERE on Google Play! We’ve already been covering the game extensively on the blog, but in case you’ve been living under a […]

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A big update to World Soccer Forever

World Soccer Forever landed on Miniclip during this year’s World Cup, but – as any soccer fan knows – the sport didn’t stop at the end of that tournament. Nope, soccer is a year-round event and, with the Champions League and other competitions all now underway, we thought this would be […]

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