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8 Ball Pool on iOS & Android updated!

Today we’re very excited to announce the release of a long-awaited update to 8 Ball Pool on iOS and Android, which brings the mobile versions of Pool up to versions 1.1 on iOS and 1.2 on Android. The update is the latest in a series of updates we’ve introduced since the game launched at the end of February.

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8 Ball Pool Community Update: #2

Welcome to the second of your monthly updates for what’s going on in 8 Ball Pool! Update number 1 was a huge success, and it was great to get some feedback on some of the stuff we’re working on, so we’ll get straight into the details of what we’ve been […]

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Wartune: Free “Newcomer Pack” Codes

One of the top games on Miniclip recently has been, Wartune, a super-awesome turn-based strategy MMO which featuring epic boss battles, a huge skill customisation system and daily events and rewards. Sounds good, huh? To get you started with Wartune, we’ve got a bunch of free codes for the Newcomer […]

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8 Ball Pool Community Update: #1

In order to keep you better informed about what we’re doing with 8 Ball Pool, we’re going to be giving you regular updates on what we are working on and what’s coming soon. They are going to be published every month, or even more frequently if we’ve got lots of […]

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